Facts About Chinese People

Know These Facts About Chinese People Before Dealing with them

We all know how Chinese medical manufacturers are now the biggest suppliers of disposable products, and that many European and American suppliers have shifted their production lines to China in order to reduce cost, especially that there is a strong competition regarding pricing, keeping in mind that Chinese products are almost similar to American and European products in quality now.

But the idea of this article is not about the reasons of this big change for those products and the consequences of it, but it is about the trade mindset and business ethics of Chinese companies, in order to know what principles you should have while dealing with Chinese companies, as they have a totally different culture when it comes to business, which is far away from the American and European mindsets.

In the Chinese culture, and since they are little kids, they implement an idea that Chinese people should only trust each other, and that all other people are strangers that they should not trust, until they prove the opposite. Knowing this is very important while dealing with Chinese companies. But how can you put this information to practical work?

You should always be able provide an evidence of all the information you share while dealing with a Chinese company, in order to build trust with them, and with time, they will consider you a trustworthy person that they can depend on.

Phone calls are always better than sending emails in order to make sure that you are aligned with the people you talk with and build a stronger relationship, but that’s not true with Chinese people!

You have to know that you should communicate with Chinese people through email, and that’s because it’s hard to communicate with them using English language on phone, you might not notice this difficulty while talking with them face to face in medical exhibitions, but you will diffidently have a problem on the phone.

Do not assume that signed contracts will keep your rights while dealing with Chinese people, as the vague law and the bureaucracy of judiciary in China is similar to the one in Arab world, so make sure you build win-win relationships with them, and do not share all business secrets, as that will increase the chance for them to break the contract with you if they felt that they can do the job without your help, that’s why all European manufacturers keep the secrets of production and manufacturing to themselves, and Chinese companies cannot access it.

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