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Make Sure You Are Sure

Back then when I used to work as a distributor, instead of starting my day with my morning coffee, I used to start my day by checking all resources of latest tenders, new projects, winning tenders name and their prices.
Later, when I worked as suppliers it was clear to me that distributors wouldn’t share with me the competitor’s prices and latest tenders due to Interest conflict that makes distributors to be skeptical as this is going to increase their target or at least making suppliers have higher expectation.
I believe it is time for suppliers to make their vision more clear as building knowledge in medical business needs a daily access to all local medical tenders, projects and business news in remote markets regularly, so it’s a process not an incident and within time your knowledge would be wider and stronger about remote markets.
The power of deep knowledge is fascinating; your decisions are more accurate, longer vision, have better assessment and distributors can’t definitely mislead you!
Last year I was working 24 hours to overcome this obstacle for suppliers and recently Aumet began to get access to the supplier’s medical tenders, projects and business news, classified by specialty with the ability to forward it to your distributors.


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