Who moved my cheese?

Who moved my cheese?

During the Eid period and with the many busy things I have to get done, I couldn’t resist reading the story by the author Spencer Johnson entitled ‘Who moved my cheese?’

The Summary of the story includes the idea that states “if you don’t change you might be consumed!” Change is one of the pillars of life, and who masters the art of flexibility and handling variables are the people who normally lead the others.

Recently because of low oil prices and security situation as well as the weak economic growth affected by declining tourism revenues all that led to all Arabic Governments to reduce the size of the budgets allocated to the medical sector, represented by the Ministry of health and this resulted in many medical companies downsizing staff, having lack of expansion projects and declining policy change, waiting for change in politics in the future and for things to return to how they were ‘ cheese ‘. My comment here is that most medical companies resisted the change and have not stayed at pace with the changes to make the difference, waiting for things to change for the better and returns its ‘ cheese ‘, even though wisdom says it’s safer to look at the maze than stay ‘without cheese’.


There are many private medical sectors unaffected by the economic situation but on the contrary increased the size of its business like private hospitals, private clinics, centers of operations per day, and a number of private laboratories. It is a huge number but very few companies of this category pay it attention however the achieved profit margins are too large compared to Ministry of health hospitals

Moving in a new direction makes you find more ‘ cheese ‘ so you have to keep up and be racing for change and diversity of the sources of work and income and not keep waiting for the conditions to change, AUMET Meanwhile accompanied this change and gave an opportunity to all Arab medical companies to communicate and receive orders and purchase orders from private hospitals, clinics, health centers and laboratories where we bring the opportunity for all hospitals to search for any medical product through the site and contact the distributor directly online.

In order for your company to receive orders all you have to do is click on the link below and add all medical products sold in your country with the name of the medical supplier, when the supplier confirms, this information will be saved and added to your profile so that any doctor, a purchasing department or labs will be able to contact you when searching for this product. So I would recommend adding all medical products that you sell in the local market so you can get more orders to be of entrepreneurs who are aware of the constant evolution.

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Yahya Aqel, CEO and Co-Founder of aumet, Biomedical engineer and MBA graduate from IE business school Madrid-Spain, entrepreneur ,expert , leader and business trainer in medical business. Launched many medical businesses in places like San Francisco/USA, Normandy/France, Kuwait , UAE, Saudi Arabia & Jordan. Has several success stories helping medical suppliers and distributors to build long term relationships and improve their business.

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