3 things to do before and after medical exhibition

3 things to do before and after medical exhibition

Attending medical exhibitions is very important to meet your manufacturers, find new business opportunities, build your circle of acquaintances and come with the solutions for sophisticated issues. I have been attending medical exhibitions for the last 12 years and I found that there are 3 things to do before and after medical exhibitions that maximize the value which you will gain:


 Three things to do Before exhibition:

  1. Arrange for the meetings in advance with your manufacturers and reserve 30 minutes between two meetings, make sure to be on time, and in case you missed the meeting, it’s better to go to the next meeting to avoid the delay for the others meetings.
  2. It’s better to meet the potential manufacturers in the first two days as the decision makers leave the exhibition early. Leave the 3rd and forth exhibition days to meet your manufacturers.
  3. Apply online to get the exhibition ticket as the queue takes for ever on the first day.



Three things to do After exhibition:

  1. Gather all the business cards and create a file that includes all names, e-mails, mobile numbers of companies you have met. name the file with exhibition name and the year so you can easily find it when you need it. I recommend to start creating the file by the end of each day or right after the exhibition as you will have a fresh memory.
  2. Write minutes of meeting that you had with each manufacturer, add MOM as a note into the same file, send the MOM immediately after ending the exhibition.
  3. As Cash is king , follow up is a king in our business, follow up with each manufacturer to get their confirmation receiving your email, in the meantime don’t expect their quick reply, as manufacturers normally take time to reply after exhibition some of them may take a month.

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