Aumet: A Creative eCommerce platform for Healthcare Providers

Aumet: A Creative eCommerce platform for Healthcare Providers

Startup’s creativity is one of the most important values of a venture. There are many startups, but there are few that revolutionize an industry. Ideas do not cost anything and at any moment one can think of an idea that will change the world forever.

Thanks to online B2B models, a business manages to save time, keep inventory and supplies always ready and obtain advantageous rates. It is helped by other services to monitor processes and respond effectively to customer demands that want faster and faster orders and deliveries. Online B2B allows data to be shared and synchronized instantly and quickly, without gaps or loss of information in the process, making it accessible to all parties involved and facilitating the relationship between a large numbers of participants: distributors, suppliers, affiliated companies, agents, etc.

Aumet is a creative B2B ecommerce startup which provides a marketplace for healthcare manufacturers and distributors. Aumet is a relatively new company which started its operations in 2015. The company has its headquarters in United States and has subsidiaries in France-Caen Forum digital, Jordan-Amman Business Park and UAE-Abu Dhabi Hub. The company was started by three entrepreneurs, Yahya Aqel, Co-Founder and CEO, a Biomedical engineer having 13 years of experience in medical supplies industry. Mohammad Issa, Co-Founder and CPO, who already had experience of starting and running two graphic designing companies and one peer to peer tutoring company in Jordon and MENA region. Jamal Abusamra, Co-Founder, is an experienced Regional Area Manager of multinational medical manufacturers such as Sengewald of Germany and Pennine Healthcare of UK.

Aumet’s creativity is endorsed by World Economic Forum which selected the company two times (2017 and 2019) as one of the best 100 startups that form the 4th industrial revolution. In addition to that, Aumet is also selected by TechCrunch as one of their favorite startups from 500 Startups’ 19th class.  TechCrunch has also selected Aumet as one of its favorites from Techstars demo-day last April.

Aumet provides a creative ecommerce platform to healthcare providers by getting discounted prices of healthcare products from manufacturers and deliver these products on discounted price to healthcare providers at their doorsteps. This means that transactions are made between ecommerce companies that operate on the Internet, that is, consumer intervention is not allowed. In effect, B2B ecommerce is carried out between online medical companies, so that operations are focused on sellers, buyers, suppliers or intermediaries.


Aumet is growing exponentially at a rapid pace. Its current growth rate is 20% MOM and it shows $30,000,000 at bottom-line in the 2nd quarter of 2020. The company has also increased its human resources from 16 to 37 personnel, coming from 15 different nationalities. Aumet, recently also, closed its Seed round of $1.25m from reputable VC Right Side Capital, TechStars, and Plug and Play. Read complete article on

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In addition to that, Aumet also automates the process of providing distributors to medical manufacturing companies by using special software and algorithms such as Saurus, Tagging Crawler, and Matching Algorithm which finds the most appropriate distributors for the manufacturing companies. With this type of electronic commerce, sellers are looking for buyers, buyers are looking for suppliers, and intermediaries are in charge of concluding commercial agreements between sellers and buyers.

Without a doubt, Aumet is actively fosters business relationships between major medical manufacturing companies and healthcare providers operating on the Internet.

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