4 Steps to become exclusive distributor for a well known brand

4 Steps to become exclusive distributor for a well known brand

Is it possible to be an exclusive distributor for the big brands in your region? Here are the four simple steps that enable you to represent a well-known brand irrespective of your company size!


Research the competitors of your target brand

Contact them and asking for their exclusivity. While some of them may already have distributors in the region, other may not. Focus on closing a deal with at least one of such manufacturer with no distributor in your region.


Maximize your market share

After singing the exclusivity agreement, put all your efforts into maximizing your market share. The higher your market share is, the more leverage you have when negotiating.


Meeting with the export manager

Get details of the export manager of the target brand and arrange a face-to-face meeting with this person at one of the medical exhibitions. During the meeting, discuss the possibility of being their exclusive distributor, clarifying that you are ready to start working with them once they grant you the exclusivity. Demonstrate your experience and the value you bring as a distributor through your market share, which they can benefit from if you become their exclusive distributor.


Improve your traction

If you have good traction, you are more likely to get a quick positive answer. However, it usually takes time and doesn’t happen at a first try. That’s why you should persistently continue to grow your market share. It will apply pressure on the target brand and you will eventually get a positive answer. Make sure to meet with the export manager from time to time and keep him/her posted about your latest developments, reminding this person of the value you can bring as their distributor.


Remember, ‘Constant dropping wears away a stone’.

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