Big Ten Medical Companies in Kuwait

Big Ten Medical Companies in Kuwait

The State of Kuwait is a tiny nation in the gulf area, with a population of about 4.5 million people. Being a developing nation, its citizens require exceptional medical attention to enhance their health and wellness.

The evolving technology is taking the medical field by storm. Many companies are rushing to acquire modern medical equipment that meet the challenges of the industry. The new facilities are efficient with proven records of super success in comparison to former technologies.

There are various medical companies in Kuwait that supply medical facilities to both public and private institutions to match the demands. The business is profitable, and therefore, many companies got attracted to venture into the business. Let’s dig a little deeper.



Advanced Technological Company (A.T.C.)

Advanced Technological Company has been in operations within Kuwait for the last 38 years. The company is gradually increasing in capacity with the potential to supply more than 95% of the hospital’s facilities. As if that is not enough, A.T.C. deals with sophisticated medical equipment for distribution to medical institutions with a market share that exceeds 45% of the nation’s medical equipment sector.

Well, the company’s clients include government and private hospitals, laboratories, dental practitioners, and physicians. Beyond that, A.T.C. employs over 1590 people with a significant asset base of KD 150.9 million. Moreover, its headquarters are in Salmiya, Kuwait.  It joined the Kuwait Stock Exchange in 2007.



Yiaco Medical Company

If you are looking for a company in Kuwait to supply you with proper medical equipment, then go for Yiaco. The company has been in existence since 1953, operating in medical and hospital supplies. Besides, Yiaco adopted state-of-art technology to improve its services in healthcare and medical territories.

Yiaco has a resourceful staff of over 700 personnel in various fields such as pharmacists, physicians, technicians, paramedics, and more. The company is ever updated with the latest medical innovations while informing the same to the medical community. Still, Yiaco is among the companies that got listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.



Alghanim Healthcare

Alghanim Healthcare is a private company with operations in Kuwait and the other 40 nations.  It is a multi-billion dollar company that diversified with more than 30 businesses. Get this: This huge company consists of over 14,000 employees who come from 64 different nationalities.

Alghanim prides itself with over 100 years of excellence in the entire gulf region. Furthermore, the company supplies various medical equipment, both locally and internationally, with better market leadership. It won several global awards and honors in 2017 like ACCA- Gold Approved Employer.



Boushahri Group Medical

Many institutions require high-quality medical equipment like anesthesia machines, ultrasound, patient monitors. Boushahri Group Medical Group Medical has distinguished itself as an excellent company to supply modern medical equipment to various clients within the State of Kuwait. Also, the company cultivates partnerships with leading and small scale pharmaceuticals, with an eye for long-term growth.

The Boushahri emerged 30 years ago as a reliable partner in the supply of medical equipment and has dominated the market ever since. What’s more, the company consists of 75 professionals with six pharmacies. Overall, it makes sales over KD 20 million annually.



Bader Sultan & Brothers Company W.L.L. (BSBC)

BSBC is a vibrant company that came into operations in 1960. The company extended its activities from local to international fields. It gets better as it supplies high- quality medical equipment to pharmaceuticals and medical institutions. What is their secret? Partnering with world-class manufacturers, known for producing high-quality products.

Some of the equipment that BSBC deals with are; x-ray accessories, radiotherapy, sterilization equipment, censoring devices, etc. It has a well-trained staff to match its success. Adopting new technological innovations has increased its efficiency.



Al Essa Kuwait

There is a potential market for medical equipment in Kuwait that companies should exploit. Al Essa Kuwait deals with providing maintenance for analytical and medical applications. We are not yet without mentioning its medical supplies and medical engineering solutions. Al Essa began its operations 37 years ago and has a superior corporate experience to meet the market expectations.

The supply company recorded a group turnover of U.S. $72M. Its success owes to a dedicated staff ranging to over 500 people employed in critical fields. Its key clients, mainly from the public and private sectors.



Ashraf & Company

The history of Ashraf $ Company dates back to its establishment in 1951 as a general store. Ever since the priorities changed drastically hence evolving to deals in the medical sector. The company supplies various equipment to different clients both in the public and private sectors within the state of Kuwait. It has excellent customer service with a commitment to maintaining 100% satisfaction.

Ashraf & Company deals with several products like x-rays, radiotherapy, ultrasound equipment, and more. Most importantly, the company uses advanced technology to manage its operations; hence, it has improved on sufficiency and productivity.



Najmat Burgan Medical & Scientific Co. W.L.L.

Immucor with office details as Najmat Burgan Medical & Scientific Co. is a private company owned by T.P.G. capital. This company got established in 1982 with its headquarters in Immucor. Nevertheless, the company has distinguished itself in providing transplantation and transfusion diagnostics worldwide. It develops and manufactures a group of serology reagents and instruments to hospitals.

Immucor has over 1050 professionals worldwide with excellent skills to boost the success of this company. In 2013 alone, the company recorded a revenue of U.S. $ 348 million. It has other offices in the United States, Japan, India, Germany, Canada, etc.



Al Mojil Drug Company (KSCC)

Al Mojil is a company that lives with the purpose of supplying pharmaceuticals to the various clients within Kuwait. Since its establishment in 1964, the company diversified its operations to include supplies in medical equipment. Then again, AL Mojil deals with the supplying of veterinary and consumer products.

Later in 2008, its name changed to KSCC. The company maintains motivated world-class standards making it earn several awards and certificates in various categories. Its staff consists of well-trained personnel that runs the institutions effectively using modern technology to increase sale and improve on productivity. The company’s headquarters are in Kuwait.



Boubyan National Medical Company (B.N.M.C)

B.N.M.C is a consultant and medical distribution company owned privately. To begin with, this company provides patients and healthcare institutions with state-of-art healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, and solutions. Its influence goes beyond Kuwait to penetrate the fertile markets within the Gulf region.

BNMC prides itself with 10 years experience in dealing with medical equipment. Some of the products that it deals with are Ritter dental, spotee, Maico diagnostics, X-ray facilities, etc. Its resourceful staff includes 50 doctors, 1100 nurses with 500 medical personnel. They work smart to ensure the company attains its goals. Lastly, the company’s headquarters are in Kuwait with several regional offices.



Final Remarks

In summary, hospitals and other healthcare institutions in Kuwait require better medical facilities to accelerate the rate of efficiency.  The nation is technological savvy; hence, any equipment should have exceptional features that solve medical problems within a short period.

To run a successful business in the medical industry within Kuwait, strive to supply high standard products. These products will sell well if they bring better results to the users. That is where the secrets lie. To any potential supplier, the ball lies squarely in your court.

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