Hybrid Medical Tourism Experience is the Future Post-COVID

With the ominous emergence of coronavirus, our lives entered a whole new phase of survival on the global level. With our routines held tightly in its claws.

Coronavirus has compelled the world to slow down and has affected every possible sector of the economy. The travel ban has not only affected the tourism industry in general but has also dismantled the very structure of medical tourism.

What Is Medical Tourism?

Not many of us are familiar with the term that refers to the travel across the globe travel to different countries for getting medical or surgical assistance along with vacationing, traveling to visit the side of the attraction by the side.

These travels to different countries are mandatory to avail of better facilities, enhanced treatment, and at times economical prices during the treatment.

 It not only promotes the medical advancements offered in a certain part of the world but also promotes co-effective medical care collaboration and globalization of the medical industry.

Commitments Of The Providers

Medical tourism revolves all around the patients and the providers.

On the providers’ part, there are three basic commitments to ensure the maximum benefits of this medical assistance which are:

  • Transparency: The backbone feature of medical tourism is transparency in both quality of care and pricing. Read more about free slots no deposit. To ensure patient safety, maximum transparency is required for the quality and pricing of healthcare in the providers’ country versus other countries.
  • Communication: Good communication is vital to ensure positive patient outcomes where all kinds of professional competitions are kept aside, and collaborative working is done to resolve industry issues as they arise.
  • Education: Although now information is just a click away, the right sort of information is always valued and much needed for quality healthcare. Apart from that, patients need education and information about everything needed in a foreign country, including precautions, insurances, and other details required throughout the process. This education not only relates to the patient but to the attendants as well, especially during these coronavirus-hit times, where everyone is found looking for sanitizer supplies and KN95 Face Masks.

Traditional Medical Tourism

The traditional process of medical tourism requires a patient to access the providers’ website, research for solutions, enter the information needed, and generate a request.

The providers scrutinize the request, send medical quotations, and other treatment options, which are, in turn, assessed by the patient as a prerequisite for the start of the treatment.

The effects of travel bans due to COVID-19 pandemic, the process is no longer effective as many of the technicalities have become impossible to accomplish. Also, transparency has become a big question mark as its hard to access other providers.

Hybrid Experience in Medical Tourism will be the New Normal

In this scenario, where you are not advised to leave your homes for the neighborhood without a KN95 face mask, it’s the duty of the Healthcare providers to come up with workable suggestions during this lockdown phase as well as the post-COVID era.

A hybrid system should be introduced with the efficient use of multiple genres of technologies that do the majority of work for the patients and the providers before and after the visit and during the treatment.

Also, the difficulties in the patient’s traveling can be served by connecting him to the nearest healthcare provider and fashioning a system where that healthcare provider is also given the customized help turning it into a complete win-win.

This can be done only through re-visiting the entire scenario of patient and provider actions beforehand, including; online consultation, video chat, video, and Email correspondence with the patient and the healthcare community.

This also helps to expand the industry by connecting to the global and target communities through marketing via Online communities, by getting hands-on, engaging case studies, sharing educational articles/blogs, approaching attractive center/doctor profiles, comparing different treatment packages, content/knowledge distribution and management system and much more. Apart from giving general awareness on the social distancing, using sanitizers after physical contacts and using KN95 face masks before stepping outdoors, these issues also need to be sorted on the priority basis.  On both individual and mass level as medical tourism industry needs to be facilitated to protect the lives of all those people seeking international aid due to the severity of their illnesses.

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