How to select the right manufacturer

How to select the right manufacturer

If I have a $100 budget, I will spend $99 on marketing and $1 on the products. That’s exactly what big medical brands do.

I have noticed a common pattern while checking the production line inside medical factories – they manufacture a higher volume of big brands’ products than their own. Contractually, it is known as an OEM agreement (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Big brands spend an enormous amount of money to market their products and we end up paying that bill. So, the natural question is, why don’t we buy directly from the original medical manufacturers

Just like in any relationship, you should be on the look out for certain characteristics when evaluating a medical manufacturer.


Here are the top 10 indicators, which will help you make the right decision.


Annual sales

A large volume of sales is a great indicator. However, pay close attention as sometimes there is an innovative product that just hit the market so the sales might be misleading.


Countries where they sell their products

Product distribution across such regions as Western Europe, North America and Japan is indicative of the high standards of factories’ quality.


OEM Manufacturer?

Do they produce the product from A to Z or do they work under an OEM agreement?

My advice is to Avoid dealing with OEM manufacturers.


Who are their distributors?

Look into the profiles of their distributors. Make sure they deal with reputable companies.


Do they invent new products from time to time?

Innovation is a must in the medical supplies industry and Releasing new products indicates that it is a dynamic manufacturer.


Are they ready to share the marketing expenses with you?

It’s always a good sign when manufactures agree to share the marketing cost. It speaks to the mutually beneficial and productive partnership.


Do they have FDA, CE or any other quality certificates?

It’s big advantage to deal with manufacturers who have both FDA and CE certifications.


Is their price competitive?

Right manufacturers set reasonable prices in relation to their quality.


Do they offer training and learning opportunities?

Right manufacturers make it mandatory to receive training before starting the promotion. Continuous training is what differentiates a good manufacturer from a great one.


Do they visit you on-site?

Right Manufacturers normally make an effort to meet each distributor and client in-person at least once a year.

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