Top 10 Distributors in Oman

Top 10 Distributors in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is the second-largest Gulf state with oil as its most significant contributor to its economy. Administratively, the country is under that rule of the Sultan, proving to be the third current reigning monarch globally. This article will analyze the top 10 distributors in Oman who are commanding a high customer base through the distribution of their products and services.

Generally, Omani is a developing nation with many citizens living under better economic conditions. By contrast, the residents require quality products and services to measure the standards of their lifestyles.

If you wish to establish a distribution business and operate effectively, you require proper details about the client’s expectation for any meaningful trade transactions to happen. Below check out the top distributors to learn a thing or two.Let’s get the facts underway.


1.     Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC

Muscat Pharmacy came into establishment in May 1968 to offer healthcare services. Its principal business objectives were to sell and distribute imported medicines and medical products in Oman. The enterprise expanded its influence until 1997 when it transformed into a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The company is a dealer and distributor in pharmaceuticals, medical products, and disposables. As if that is not enough, the enterprise also deals with medical engineering and laboratory products. Its main clients are the government’s institutions as well as private organizations and partners.

2.     Bahwan Group

If you live in Oman, it is easy to spot the services of Bahwan Group. This company has a range of diversified activities that makes the company remaining outstanding. The organization partners with various business entities around the world to distribute different products both locally and internally.

Bahwan Group is a dealer and distributor in automotive products, construction, and industrial equipment.  Or even better, it has some interests in manufacturing, property, and real estate. The company offers an excellent service to its clients while winning various international awards in multiple categories like Man Management Excellence Award in 2015.

3.     Zahrawi Medical

A group of investors and Dr. Mehdi Al Hassani founded Zahrawi Medical in 1989 in Dubai. Later in 2017, the organization penetrated Oman to establish its business there. Similarly, the company supplies high-quality products and services to laboratories, hospitals, analytical industries, and clinics.

The company has a competent staff that contributes to its excellence. Meanwhile, in 2016 alone, Zahrawi Medical achieved Dhs 240 million in revenue. It has key clients both locally and regionally. In addition to that, the Oman branch has several departments, such as surgical division, lab division, medical, and nuclear therapy division.

4.     JKR

JKR International is a dealer and distribution Company with its global headquarters at Umm Ramoul in Dubai. This company distributes high-quality medical equipment such as wheelchairs, physiotherapy products, and home care products. Then again, the company deals with prosthetics and orthotics.

JKR partners with other companies that manufacture medical equipment products like Leckey and Ottobock to bring goods and services to their clients. Admittedly, JKR distributes most of its products and services to government hospitals and private health centers. Furthermore, with a professional and dedicated staff, the company expanded its influence with a fair share of the Oman market.

5.     Merit Medical Oman

Merit Medical is among the leading dealers and distributors of medical equipment in Oman. The company invested in excellent infrastructure and systems to guarantee its client’s modern facilities. It is a solution provider healthcare, life sciences, and emergency services.  Furthermore, the company employed qualified staff that runs its operations efficiently to attain its goals and targets.

However, the organization distributes various products within Oman and the entire region. Some of the products are dental products, ENT Equipment, Lab equipment, first aid kit, and cardiology. Most importantly, the company supplies surgical equipment, respiratory products, and medical furniture.

6.     Oman Med

Oman Med has a distinguished record as a dealer and distributor of various medical and laboratory equipment within the Sultanate of Oman. The company came into establishment in 2008. Beyond that, Oman Med supplies its products and services to both government and private hospitals. Then again, it extends its influence to clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare laboratories, and defense forces.

Some of its products include dermatology products, medical furniture, laboratory consumables, biomedical spare parts, and specialty area products. The company has well-trained personnel that oversees its operations, leading to increased revenue. Its management is flexible in adopting the latest medical technologies to improve on its services.

7.     PulseMed LLC

Pulse med is a seasoned medical company operating in the healthcare arena, while its establishment is ranging in decades. This organization includes several divisions, such as disinfection solutions and environmental hygiene. Moreover, it also has a pharmaceutical warehouse and diabetic foot care department. Each division creates a unique medical education agenda for its customers with sessions every year.

The company is a dealer and distributor in surgical consumables, cardiac implants, diagnostic products, and medical equipment. Also, it supplies ENT and orthopedics. Locally, its primary customers come from government institutions and private organizations. The company expanded beyond the borders of Oman to penetrate the regional market.

8.     Ibn Sina Group LLC

Ibn Sina is among the top 10 distributors in Oman and is a company that thrives on diversification of its products and services. By 1998, the company began its operations as a marketing organization. Generally, this business enterprise is a dealer who is a distributor in dental supply and services. Meanwhile, the company comprises of various departments like a laboratory, orthotics, prosthetics, and dental.

The company liaises with several multinational companies to distribute a wide variety of services and products within the Sultanate of Omani. Still, it spreads and supplies its products to government hospitals, medical institutions, and other private health center.

9.     Majani Distribution Company

If you are in search of a distributor company that will distribute to clients directly, then take advantage of the Majani Distribution Company. The company specializes in merchandising, delivering, and management of clients within the Sultanate of Oman. The organization has a General Manager as its head with its headquarters in Muscat, Oman.

Meanwhile, the company has a wide range of warehouses in the entire region. Besides, the company deals with several brands from various manufacturers such as Unilever, Sahara dates, Mornflake, among others. Still, it distributes to all clients within the Sultanate of Oman indiscriminately.

10. Gulf Technical & Trading CO. LLC

The Gulf Technical Company came into existence in 1993 with a passion for distributing high-quality product foods. It is a food service channel that offers exceptional service. The company is among top class retailers in Oman that sources its products to add value to both local and international food.

The main clients of this enterprise are hotels, restaurants, hypermarkets, caterers, and wholesalers. Since the organization offers foodstuffs of high standards, the buyer has a variety of options to select one of his choices. Its principal operations are in Oman with dedicated and well-trained personnel to ensure smooth operations.

Summing Up

Overall, operating a successful distribution business in Oman is profitable as long as you understand the nature of your clients. That means prior surveys and proper marketing of your products will give you an edge over your competitors.

Several companies operate in Oman while offering gainful employment to the locals and contributing to the economic growth of the country. It is, therefore, beneficial if you provide excellent services and products to potential customers to win their attention and grab the opportunity to enable your business to grow.

In case you want to start a business, delay not since the nation is politically stable with equal opportunities to expand your influence. To guide you use the above analysis of the top 10 distributors in Oman.






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