Distributors in Saudi Arabia – Top 10 Medical Distributors

Distributors in Saudi Arabia – Top 10 Medical Distributors

Distributors in Saudi Arabia play a big role of fulfilling the ministry of health in Saudi Arabia, they plan to spend nearly USD 71 billion in the healthcare sector by the end of 2020. Among their goals is to explore the role played by the private sector, which stands at 25% to make it 35%. They also aim to increase the number of nationally acclaimed hospitals. As the big role played by medical distributors in the country, this article, we discuss the top 10 medical distributors in Saudi Arabia who can only get bigger if the government meets the goals aspired above.



Gulf Energy

Gulf Drug was founded in 1969 by Dr. Hassan Al Moosa and started as a pharmaceutical importer before venturing into different medical categories.

They engage in selling and marketing, stocking, maintaining and distributing pharmaceutical and medical equipment, disposables, and consumer healthcare merchandises.

The business units of Gulf Grug include Pharmaceutical Institutional Business, Medical Supplies and Instruments Business. They also have Veterinary Health Care Business, Medical Equipment Business Pharmaceutical, and Consumer Healthcare Retail Business.



Jeel Medical

Jeel Medical was established in 1968. Its core business is providing end to end solutions to various hospital departments. They also supply a wide range of high-end quality products. Jeel Medical strives to supply the latest tech innovations and solutions to the healthcare professionals and their patients.

Jeel medical is considered one of the distributors in Saudi Arabia that has more than 50 departments, including labs, cardiology, clinics, dental ENT wards, and pediatric, among others.

The divisions in the company include medical supplies, laboratory division, imaging department, cardiology division, medical equipment, dental division, technical service and life sciences.

They have numerous clients in the private sector and the health and education ministries from the Central, Western, and Eastern regions of Saudi Arabia.



Salehiya Medical

Salehiya Medical is a company that specializes in healthcare sector and was founded in 1964 by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan.

Today, it’s a market leader in Saudi Arabia as distributors of medical and lab equipment, disposables and turnkey projects. Similarly, they deal in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics as well as hospital and consumer supplies.

Salehiya Medical has become a reputable organization after finishing many prestigious contracts in the private and government sectors.

The head office is in Riyadh, and they have five branches in Jeddah, Dammam, Khamis Mushait, Qassim, and Madinah. Salehiya Medical supplies different product lines for a large number of renowned partners all over the world.




Imdad was established in 1981 and deals with aesthetics currently serving more than 2500 clinics in the Middle East. They have their base in 8 countries which have a total of 16 offices.

The company specializes in dermatology equipment, hair technology, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.They also deal in face lifting and skin tightening, body shaping and pigmentation, and vascular removal.



Al Faisaliah

Al Faisaliah was established in 1971, and they are involved in various industries, including electronics, petrochemicals, ventures, dairy, food service pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

They have has partnered with top international companies like Phillips, Sony, Maharah, Danone, and Pharma International Company. They have their headquarters in Riyadh operate in nine countries in the broader Middle East.




Gosaibi was founded in the early forties as a small company that has today grown into a leading healthcare distributors in Saudi Arabia.

The company has partnered with more than thirty companies in the fields of veterinary, medical, and scientific and information services. Their products include I.V, antibiotics, vitamins, infant nutrition, blood derivatives, vitamins, etc. The partners comprise of Pharmaline, Alcon, Grifols, Pfizer, and Newbridge, among others.

Goasibi’s clientele include all public and private hospitals in Saudi Arabia, government pharmaceutical and SGH tenders as well as all pharmacies.




The Olayan group was founded in 1947 and is a Saudi Arabian private enterprise. The company has commercial and industrial businesses worldwide. Other than Saudi Arabia, the company also has offices in Europe and the US.

They have interests in real estate, fixed income securities, private equities, and other specialized assets.

The group has more than 40 companies dealing in distribution, manufacturing, and services. Olagan has partnered with world-famous brands like Colgate, Burger King, Cummins, Xerox, Texas Chicken, and Coca-Cola, to name a few.



Abdulla Fouad Group

Abdulla Fouad was formed more than 65 years ago in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia.

It has interests in diverse sectors, including healthcare, investments, consumer, real estate, oil and gas, IT industry, and construction.

Its headquarters is in Dammam with regional offices in Riyadh, Jennah, and numerous satellite offices spread across KSA and GCC. The company additionally has procurement offices in India, the US, and Europe.



Al Nahdi Medical Co

Al Nahdi Medical Company was founded in 1986, and it is a top chain of Saudi retail pharmacy with its headquarters in Riyadh. They are also distributors of medicine, cosmetics, medical equipment, and baby care goods.

It is among the fastest-growing companies boasting a network spans across 125 villages and cities in Saudi Arabia. The company has customers exceeding 32 million in MENA.

Al Nahdi Medical are one of few distributors who offer health educational clinics daily.




Amico was founded in 1984 by the duo of Akef El Maghraby M.D and Mihran Hazarian. The company are leader distributors in Healthcare Specialty Markets. They deal in sales, marketing, service engineering, and integrated professional support services for advanced medical devices.

They deal in ophthalmology, neurosurgery, vision care, dermatology, ENT, medical imaging, biologics, and orthopedic.

Amico have their headquarters in Dubai and more than 1500 employees in 15 countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region.



In Summary

Distributors in Saudi Arabia help supplement government services, and with the right management and utilization of the latest technology, they can play that role successfully. These big ten medical companies have grown from humble beginnings to become fully-fledged companies venturing even overseas. Their role both in the economy and as a provider of healthcare cannot be underestimated.




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