Top 3 Medical Manufacturers in France for 2020

Top 3 Medical Manufacturers in France for 2020

According to a Statista study conducted in 2019, the total worth of the global medical industry is over $1.25 trillion. The contribution of France in the medical market is no less than any other developed country. Therefore, it is estimated that France’s medical industry will reach over $48 billion by the end of 2020. If you are running a medical facility in France, you must be looking for a medical manufacturer that supports your business with medical products and drugs. That’s why we have come up with the list of the top three medical manufacturers that you should opt for especially in 2020.

Our Third best Medical Manufacturer Pick is Novartis

Novartis is yet another well-known medical manufacturer you can opt for if you run a medical facility in France. It is the result of a merger of two massive companies which are Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy. Especially In terms of contact lens production, it competes with the world-leading organizations through its Alcon subsidiary.

Key Information

  • Creation Date: Novartis was founded back in 1996 but it has already crossed many of the old organizations especially in terms of revenue.
  • Annual Turnover: According to a 2019 report of Novartis the annual turnover is amazingly $51.9 billion.
  • Number of Employees: Currently, the total number of Novartis employees is over 125 thousand worldwide.
  • Head Office: The head office of Novartis is in 2 et 4 rue Lionel Terray BP 308 92 506 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex,France.
  • Medical Lines: Medical products and drugs that Novartis produces are, generic drugs, over-the-counter drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, contact lenses, and animal health.
  • Main Products: The main products of Novartis are Clozaril, Voltaren, Tegretol, Diovan, Gleevec, Glivec, Neoral, Sandimmune
  • Market Share: Novartis currently has a market share of $198.33 billion.
  • Other Important Aspect: Novartis strives to innovate the medicine and treatment methods to enhance, extend, and improve the quality of people’s lives.
  • Presence in Countries: Novartis is currently working in more than 155 countries.
  • Total Number of Products: Novartis produces over 100 types of different medical products.

Our Second Pick for the Top Medical Manufacturer is Merck & Co.

By far, Merck is the oldest medical organization in the world. It came into existence in 1668, and it works intending to provide superior medical services and products. Merck & Co. is originally a German medical organization, and currently, it is working in pretty much all the developed countries.

Key Information

  • Creation Date: Merck & Co., in its current form, came into existence in 1891, but its foundation was laid in 1668.
  • Annual Turnover: According to 2019 stats of market watch, the annual turnover of Merck & CO. is 46.59 billion US dollars.
  • Number of Employees: The current number of total employees of Merck & Co. is 71,000 worldwide.
  • Head Office: The head office of Merck & CO. is at 34 Rue Saint-Mathieu, 69008 Lyon, France.
  • Medical Lines: Healthcare, Performance Materials, and Life Science, infectious diseases and cancer treatments, vaccines, and also immune-modulation therapies.
  • Main Products: Gardasil, Singulair, Propecia, Proscar, Zocor, Vioxx, Fosamax, Keytruda, Januvia, Primaxin.
  • Market Share: Merck & CO. has a market capitalization of $204.36 billion.
  • Other Important Aspect: Merck & Co. is the seventh-largest medical distributor in the world.
  • Presence in Countries: Merck & Co. works in more than 66 countries with complete efficiency and stability.
  • Total Number of Products: Novartis produces over 100 types of different medical products.

Pfizer Inc. is Our best Medical Manufacturer Pick

Pfizer Inc. is an American medical organization which was founded back in 1849. It is one of the few organizations in the world which is developing the vaccine for coronavirus. Pfizer has also bought many multi-billion-dollar organizations and especially some of the renowned medical products. It also works for animal health and other wellness programs. The reviews of Pfizer are always fascinating as it supports its clients by providing an exceptional customer experience, especially in France.

Key Information

  • Creation Date: The company Pfizer was founded back in 1849, and it has been working successfully for the last one and a half centuries.
  • Annual Turnover: According to 2019 stats, the annual turnover of Pfizer is $51.8 billion.
  • Number of Employees: Pfizer has over 88,300 employees worldwide and 3000 alone in France.
  • Head Office: The head office of Pfizer is at 23-25 Avenue du Dr. Lannelongue, 75668 Paris, France.
  • Medical Lines: The main medical lines of Pfizer are the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, smoking cessation, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney cancer, GIST, glaucoma, treatment of erectile dysfunction, etcetera.
  • Main Products: Varenicline, Champix, Donepezil, Aricept, Sunitinib, Sutent, Xalatan, and Viagra.
  • Market Share: Pfizer has a market capitalization of $202.16 billion.
  • Other Important Aspect: One of the most significant reasons for Pfizer’s fame is its mergers with many competing organizations such as Wyeth in 2009, Pharmacia in 2003, Warner-Lambert in 2000.
  • Presence in Countries: Pfizer is working with complete stability in more than 150 countries.
  • Total Number of Products: Pfizer produces over 10 types of different medical products.

Key Takeaway About the Best Medical Manufacturers in France for 2020

These are some of the best medical manufacturers that can help you to improve the quality of products and services that you provide to your patients. We recommend you look for these medical manufacturers and the medical products and drugs they produce, especially if you are in France. We hope they will also be more effective in helping your business to grow but in the least possible time.

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