Top 3 Pharmacies in Jordan for 2020

Top 3 Pharmacies in Jordan for 2020

According to the Statista 2019 report, the pharmaceutical industry’s global revenue is about 1.25 trillion US dollars. It’s also a renowned fact that Jordan’s pharmaceutical sector is one step ahead of its regional competitors. Additionally, there are many reasons why Jordan’s pharmaceutical industry is booming. Some of them are a favorable business environment that qualifies local resources and a very attractive track record especially the increasing needs. If you own a small medical store or want medicines for personal use, then consider yourself lucky if you’re from Jordan. Today we’ve come up with the most successful and best pharmacies in Jordan that you can choose for your needs.

Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Our Third-Best Pick for the Top Pharmacy in Jordan for 2020 is Rawhi

Rawhi Group is one of the renowned groups of pharmacies in Jordan. Additionally, it’s considered the symbol of heritage and originality and its contemporary approach allows it to evolve with modern time.

The Rawhi Group distributes its products to small and large medical facilities such as drug-stores and hospitals. Additionally, the company also owns Rawhi academy, which trains and prepares old and new pharmacy graduates to provide exceptional patient care. Rawhi Groups currently works with a team of 25 specialist doctors and also flaunts optics and medical lab. You will find Rawhi’s products effective with high quality.

Key Features

  • Creation Date: The Rawhi Group came into existence back in 1983. For the past three and a half plus decades, it has been working in Jordan with complete stability
  • Number of Doctors: The company is currently working with a total of 25 specialist doctors
  • Administration Address: The administration office of Rawhi Group is at Ibn Khaldoun St. Building no. 32 Amman, Jordan.
  • Medical Lines: The Rawhi Group specializes in medical appliances, cosmetics, baby products, and patient counseling
  • Other Important Aspect: Rawhi The group not only has Pharmacy, but it also flaunts medical buildings, drug stores, optics, medical labs, and academies.
  • Number of Branches: The current number of Rawhi Group’s branches is 13.
  • Important Partners: The renowned partners the Rawhi Group is currently working with are as following:
    • PHILIPS Avent
    • Health Aid
    • Philips Sonicare
    • Obagi
    • Silhouette
    • Doomoo
    • Dorel
    • Picci
    • Boori
    • Jackson Reece
    • Nutralife
    • Hebroprot-P

Our Second-Best pick for Top Pharmacies in Jordan for 2020 is Drug Center

Drug Center is a privately held and chain retail pharmacy spread all over the capital city of Jordan, Amman. The company started its services with the mission to provide people with high-quality medical devices, cosmetics, and especially pharmaceuticals. It also offers products for body care for people of all ages, whether from international or national vendors. Additionally, the drug Center Pharmacy strives to become the leading and best Pharmacy in Jordan. In order to achieve it, the company offers high-quality services and products at the most competitive rates. Moreover, the company also continues to increase the number of its branches.

Key Features

  • Creation Date: Drug Center Pharmacy was established back in 2006, and in this short period of time, it has achieved much success
  • Annual Sale: The annual sale of Drug Center Pharmacy is well over 8.2 million US dollars
  • Number of Employees: The current number of total employees of the company is between 90 to 100
  • Administration Address: The administration address of Drug Center Pharmacy is Tabarbour, Ain Ghazal, after the traffic light of Layali Al Sharq, Rawhi Al-Qaddoumi Compound no 391
  • Medical Lines: The Pharmacy offers all types of generic medicines to hospitals, drug-stores, and other medical facilities
  • Other Important Aspect: The Drug Center Pharmacy possesses ISO 9001:2008 certificates, and the Pharmacy also has its own in-house IT department. Additionally, the company has an extensive website and also iOS and Android apps that you can use to find products.
  • Number of Branches: The current number of Drug Center Pharmacy branches is 10.
  • Total Number of Products: The total number of products that the Drug Center Pharmacy sells are about 9000

Our Best Pick for Top Pharmacies in Jordan for 2020 is Pharmacy One

Pharmacy One is undoubtedly the best, most successful, and most popular Pharmacy in the whole of Jordan. Additionally, it provides all of its consumers and clients with the highest quality and most advanced products and services. When it comes to convenience and state of the art technology, the Pharmacy Once is second to none.

Currently, Pharmacy One ranks number one not only in our list but also in Jordan. The company also aims to become the number one Pharmacy in the whole MENA region. Here’s a list of some of the most significant features of Pharmacy One.

Key Features

  • Creation Date: Pharmacy One was established back in 2001, and it didn’t even take two decades to become the number one pharmacy in Jordan
  • Number of Branches: The current number of Pharmacy One branch is 105 spread all over Jordan.
  • Number of Employees: The total number of employees of pharmacy one is about 1000.
  • Administration Address: The administration office of Pharmacy One is at Jabal Amman – 4th circle – Zahran Street HQ Building number 106
  • Medical Lines: The Pharmacy One all types of generic medicines related to:
    • Women’s Health
    • Kid’s Corner
    • Men’s Health
    • Health from A-Z
    • Geriatrics Corner
    • Poison prevention
    • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Other Important Aspect: The trained professionals at the company’s drug information centers provide free consultations on pharmaceuticals usage and manage poisoning and drug interaction.

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Final Word on Top 3 Pharmacies in Jordan for 2020

These are the top three pharmacies in Jordan operating successfully. Whether you own a medical facility, small-drug store, or want pharmaceuticals for your personal use, you can opt for any of these pharmacies.

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