Top Medical Companies in the United Arab Emirates

Top Medical Companies in the United Arab Emirates

The medical industry is big and the fastest growing in the world, and in 2018, it was estimated to be worth a whopping $515.16bn. It continues to grow yearly with the advancement of technology and investment in artificial intelligence and health technology.

The UAE healthcare sector has not been left behind and has also seen growth and is expected to reach Dh71.5 billion by 2020 growing at a rate of 12.7 per cent annually.

Below we analyze the top medical companies in the UAE.


Zahrawi medical

Zahrawi Medical is a leading healthcare company serving the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman Markets dealing in medical devices and has been operating successfully for the last 30 years. It has grown exponentially year after year, and this can only get better with the acquisition of MTC in Saudi Arabia in March 2019.

Zahrawi is a supplier of high-quality medical products and services to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and analytical industries. They use factory trained engineers to give quick and reliable after-sales support. They specialize in medical, surgical, diagnostic and analytical lab, and nuclear medicine supplies.

They supply internationally renowned Healthcare and Laboratory manufacturers, such as Medtronic, Agilent Technologies, Dako, Sakura, BD, Sysmex, Cepheid, Hitachi, Sebia, etc.



NMC has been operational for 46 years and prides itself as the leading healthcare company in the private sector. It is also known the world over as a leading fertility service provider.

NMC owns and manages more than 200 healthcare units consisting of medical centres, hospitals, day surgery centres, home health services, long-term care facilities, and fertility clinics.

They have a large team comprising 2,000 doctors and 20,000 paramedics and support staff. They attend to more than 8.5 million patients annually, and their doctors serve in UAE, Kenya, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, USA, Jordan, Brazil, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Spain, Seychelles, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Latvia, Colombia, and Kuwait.

It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and was the first from Abu Dhabi to do so and is today a member of the elite club, FTSE Index, a top 100 blue-chip companies based on market capitalization.



HeathMart was founded in 2010 by Engineer Muwafaq in a bid to give customers complete healthcare solutions. They specialize in supply chain management and deal in home care and medical equipment.

Their projects and services consist of physio and rehabilitation complete solutions, medical spas design and supply, cleanroom solutions, and medical planning.

The company’s products include exercise, foot care, sensory, modalities, podiatry, pediatric and mother care, medical consumables, and speech therapy tools, among others.

They strive to be the best in every project they undertake, and they currently serve the UAE and the Gulf Region.


Al Mazroui Medical & Chemical Supplies

The company has been in existence for 30 years as a part of Al Mazroui Medical Group, which was founded by Dr. Farid Mobayed 42 years ago.

It is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry and offers remarkable, comprehensive, and world-class medical services.

It operates in UAE and neighboring companies with headquarters in Deira, branches in Dubai, Qatar, and Oman with showrooms in Al-Ain.

They specialize in medical equipment and disposables, dialysis and cardiology, engineering dental and laboratory.

They also ventured in education in 1985 by introducing the Educational Unit to give customers the latest education structures and help in educational development in UAE and GCC countries.


City Pharmacy Co

City Pharmacy Co is a highly successful family business founded by Dr. Abdulrahman Amahmeed 52 years ago and includes Wael Pharmacy in Bahrain. It is the greatest distributor of medical, consumer products as well as equipment in the United Arab Emirates.

They have seen outstanding growth which has seen them own 30% of the UAE market for pharmaceutical, medical and related products, and equipment.

Their main objective is to improve Pharmaceutical and Health care services in the UAE, and they have the best skills, resources, vision, and facilities to do exactly that.

Their products and services include dental, pharmaceutical, maintenance, and engineering, laboratory, medical, and consumer. Their team consists of expert pharmacists who offer the best possible services.


Leader Healthcare

Leader Healthcare is a super specialty healthcare organization and caters for the rapidly evolving medical fraternity.

It is a provider of quality medical equipment from the world’s top manufacturers and has been in operation for ten years. It has its headquarters in Dubai and is well established in India and the Middle East.

In its ten years of operation, it has been so successful and become recognized as a leading medical science that sets trends and worldwide standards.

They deal in dermatology, ENT, surgical, simulation, HHC, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and emergency medical services.


Pharmatrade L.L.C.

The company was established 42 years ago and has three divisions which are medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory.

It is a leading distributor of Medical and Pharmaceutical products from over 30 Multinational companies in the Healthcare field.

The company has more than 5000 products in its folder and serves private and government hospitals, clinics, laboratories, diagnostic centers, and retail pharmacies in all of the United Arab Emirates.

The company has its headquarters in the UAE and has widespread warehouses and offices In UAE and Abudhabi.

It has five affiliates dedicated to different spaces in the healthcare sector. The affiliates are Pharmatrade LLC, Symed LLC, Pharmaserve FZCO, Medysinal FZCO, and Community Health Solutions LLC.


Gulf Healthcare

The company provides top-notch healthcare services in the Middle East with high-tech medical and diagnostic centres across Kuwait and UAE. It offers personalized healthcare suitable for every individual’s needs.

Their objective is to provide superior brands to help people be on top of their health and lead a fruitful life.

It has seen rapid growth and has over 19 business units consisting of Amber Clinics, Al Noor Polyclinic, Dr. Joseph Polyclinic, and the highly successful chain, Medsol Diagnostic Laboratories.

The level of care is superior, given their staff comprise of healthcare experts and professionals, administration and subordinate staff with knowledge in several disciplines.

Similarly, the company uses cutting-edge technology and the latest practices in diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases.


AMMT (Arabian Millennium Medical Training)

The company was established more than 14 years ago and deals with top manufacturers and hospitals.

Their core business is supplies of Orthopedic Specialized techniques and Stryker implants by their distributorship in UAE and beyond. The equipment is for trauma, spine and recon reconstructive surgery and surgical consumables.

Their staff is extensively trained by product specialists arming them with the know-how to assist surgeons in the UAE.


Al Mashriq Medica Supplies (amms)

The company is 100% owned and has been operating for 28 years, therefore, playing a key role in the UAE healthcare sector. They strive to come up with products that improve life positively in the long run.

Their more than thirty staff comprises a skillful team of specialized experts who can train clients to use the equipment they purchase.

Al Mashriq represents a significant number of popular and innovative manufacturers of consumables and medical equipment.

The equipment they offer is used in intensive care units, cardiac care, and rehabilitation unit, operation theatre, and physiotherapy.

The products include hearing diagnostic products, disposable and consumables, ophthalmic diagnostic products, respiratory therapy and sleep apnea products, emergency products, homecare products, and cardiopulmonary devices.

Al Mashriq Medical Supplies has over 12 global principals, including Bio-med, Cardiowise, Codan Argus, Medisafe, and Medtronic among others. 

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